Release Notes

  • General user interface improvements
  • Improvement of ratings
  • Bug fixes

Release Notes

Evaluation of the content

You have looked at the content of a release? Then you can rate the content now. Go to the release details in the tab "Comments / Rating". Give your feedback and help the community.

Detail view redesign

Write comments and reviews

The input field for writing a comment is now below the comments-list. In the sidebar, on the right, you can rate the download and the content.

Password info

If a release is protected with a password, you will see an info below the download button. Click it to see the password.

New feedback form

With the new feedback form you can tell us even better what you like about Momentum or what we can do even better. Give us your honest opinion - we have an open ear for everything and are looking forward to hearing from you. You can find the form via the three points on the top right > Report feedback/problem.

Video Tutorials

For a quick start in Momentum you can watch video tutorials. They can be accessed by clicking on the three dots at the top right > Wizard.

Release Notes

Important security update

Various optimizations and fixes regarding security of the application.

Release Notes

Delete files also from hard disk

If you remove entries in the "Finished Downloads"-tab you can now also delete the files on your hard disk. To do so, check the box "Delete files from disk" in the confirmation dialog.

Download single files easier

Move the mouse over the icon of a file and click on the download icon.

Set favorites in the Live Feed

You can now also add Release to your favorites in the Live Feed. Just click on the little heart next to the title.

Release Notes

Download preview

You want to check the quality of a video before downloading? Now you have the possibility to do so. Click on the button "Download preview" in the detail view. Momentum loads the first archive and tries to start a preview in the external player. Try it out.

Tip: In the search results table you can also load the preview directly. To do so, right-click on a release and select "Download preview".

Automatic shutdown of the computer after download

In the Downloads tab, you now have the option to automatically shut down your computer after the download.

Release Notes

Category Filter (only MOMENTUM PLUS)

To the right of the search in the header you can now select a specific category. All search results are filtered on it. Select "All categories" to remove the filter.

Links to releases can be copied and shared

You want to share a release or mention it in a comment? No worries. Just click on the three small dots in the details and choose "Copy link". This will copy the link to your clipboard and you can paste it anywhere.

Tip: When you click on a release link in the browser, Momentum opens automatically and displays the release.

Renaming Releases

You found an error in the title of a release? Make a change proposal. Go to the release details and click on the three small dots and select "Edit Release".

Search index can be changed in case of failure

If your chosen search index is not usable due to maintenance work, you can now switch to another index and continue using Momentum.

Release Notes

Themes: Light or Dark

The dark theme is now available in Momentum. You can choose between light or dark theme or take the setting of your operating system automatically. Open "Settings" and select the tab "Theme" to set your prefered option.

Compact Mode

Do you want to see more at a glance? The compact mode is making this possible. Search results, content of the sidebar and the header are shown smaller. Open "Settings" and select the tab "Theme" to set your prefered option.

Release Notes

  • BETA Tests for certain users
  • Heart as favourite marker
  • Overall performance improvement and bug fixes

Release Notes

Respond to users via @

Want to mention other users directly in a comment? Simply write an @ sign and select a user. Alternatively, you can also click directly on a user's nickname in the comment section.

New info tab in the details

Once you click on a title, you can now find a new, expanded info column. It shows many useful details about the file. If available, we will also show the NFO file there.

Add releases to favorites

Want to save a release to go back to it later or to follow comments? This is finally possible. Just click on the flag icon on the right side of the title and add it to your favorites

Adjust nickname

If you login for the first time in Momentum, a nickname will be automatically generated. This can be adjusted in the settings (Account> nickname for comments).

Saved Login

If you login again in Momentum, your provider username will be displayed as a suggestion in the login window. In addition, your username is also displayed under Settings/Account.

New livefeed entries

Any news to catch up on in the live feed? The small flash icon informs you immediately.

Scroll back in livefeed

Similar to the search results, you can now scroll down and see older entries in your livefeed. Read at your own pace and check out what has happened in the Usenet since your last login.

Release Notes

New data table

The new data table is now twice as fast and looks even better. There are no more performance drops, it adapts perfectly to any size of Momentum and the column widths are set automatically. The new hover effect over the title and the new icons in the table header also ensure a better user experience

Sidebar in detail view

The popular sidebar with categories (only Momentum PLUS), saved searches and newsgroups is now also available in detail view.

Sort saved searches

With Drag & Drop you can sort your saved searches quickly and easily.

Release Notes

Redesign of the text newsgroups

In addition to the performance, the design of the text newsgroups has also been completely redesigned. Articles and comments are now easier to read and make sharing about your favorite topics even easier.

User Interface improvements


Forget the drop down, say Hi to the accordion :) All options are now visible at any time and can be selected faster. As an added feature you can also select the popular categories in Momentum Plus

Detail view of file groups

The detail view has been fundamentally revised. At a glance, you now see more individual files than before and get a better overview. New features such as the name search for individual files or icons for file types and formats round off the redesign.

New Icons

Password protected downloads

But if a download is protected with a password and can not be automatically unpacked by Momentum, this is now visible via a small icon in front of the title. This saves you valuable download credit.

Download without category

Momentum Plus: If a download can not be assigned to a category, it now also has a matching icon.

Passwords are highlighted in comments

To make it easier to find passwords in the comments, they are now highlighted in color. This saves you time while scrolling.

Release Notes

Searches with filters can be saved

If you want to quickly perform a search with all filters, you now have the option to save your search. Just follow these steps:

  • Enter a search term, set the desired filters and click on the star button
  • Enter a title in the dialogue and select Save

Now the search can always be triggered in the sidebar. Would you like to adjust the saved search again? No problem - Click on the pencil icon on the right side of the list entry in the sidebar.

The new sidebar

The sidebar has been completely redesigned. Now you can easily switch between newsgroups, favorites and the new saved searches via the header.

Set download limit

Setting a bandwidth limit has been simplified. Now you can set this in the status bar or via the tray icon.

Pause individual downloads

You can now pause and restart downloads in the search results list.