Important information

We are making a statement regarding current false reports about the newsreader Momentum and we ask any sites and site operators to correct false reports. It can be said with absolute certainty that the Momentum newsreader is not part of the problem.

In the news there are currently reports about the limited accessibility of Since we are an independent legal entity, we cannot make any statements about the facts. Newsreaders and explicitly Momentum are in no way part of the problem. In order to offer access to specific provider features we sometimes have to connect to their services. In the case of UseneXT the free download mode is such a feature. Since their API is currently not available there are also restrictions on the use of Momentum.

Even though we do not have any signs at the moment that we have been infiltrated, we value the privacy of our users. Therefore we have shutdown NewZBee as a preventional measure and are scanning through all our systems. However, is still available as an alternative index. We apologize for this. We can assure you that we are working on it with urgency.

Furthermore, we want to comment on current news in connection with the security of Momentum

  1. Momentum is definitely not malware and has never communicated illegally in the background with external services. HolmeZ SoftSolutions Pte. Ltd. is the operator and publisher of the newsreaders Momentum and Holmez as well as the index service NewZBee. Communication between our newsreaders and the NewZBee index took place exclusively for internal purposes and served to improve the application. Conflicting messages are factually incorrect.
  2. To ensure maximum data security within the company, we have published an update from Momentum. Since the release of version (1.7.2) published on April 28, 2020 Momentum no longer uses the password of the respective Usenet login to log in to NewZBee. As already mentioned, the login data was never passed on to third parties. The privacy of our users is our highest priority and has always been granted.
  3. We have also deactivated the forwarding of NZB files to the NewZBee index until further notice.

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